The ‘mystery’ of jobs recovery without GDP growth

“The most encouraging sign we’re seeing is that many new entrepreneurs are living in such a far-fetched, dreamlike stupor that they’re actually making significant investments in infrastructure and payroll,” Hemley said. “These entirely nonsensical investments will certainly have a positive impact on the job market, as these new ventures create thousands of new jobs for several months until these doomed companies can no longer keep their doors open and inevitably collapse into bankruptcy.”

Onion story Encouraging Economic Report Reveals More Americans Delusional Enough To Start Their Own Business

Over the last couple of years there seems to have been phases of craft/homemade items being hawked by loads of people, en masse, particularly over facebook.

There have been cards, cupcakes, personalised converse trainers and now hair bows seems to be the latest.

AIBU [Am I being unreasonable] to be sick of the sodding ‘Please like my FB selling page’ requests, stalls popping up at DD’s dance class, school fetes etc and then having people I know almost guilt tripping you into buying because you know them?

I know I don’t have to buy anything, and I mostly don’t, but have felt obliged to a couple of times. and have mainly been left disappointed

Me too. I go to a baby and toddler group each week and it used to just be a toddler group and slowly it has turned into toddlers down one end and 2 or 3 different stalls each week up the other end. Homemade dolls clothes, homemade candles, candy trees, aprons and blankets, gift cards, avon, temple spa, cupcakes and macaroons and the obligatory shabby chic twiggy shit.

Now there is no end of christmas themed stuff too. I don’t want it, and I don’t want to have to explain to people why I don’t want to buy their stuff. It starts with ‘oh you must come and look at xxxx, your would just love them’

Actually this is pretty explainable. They register as “self employed” and that way they can claim working tax credits. No need to make a profit as even if their business is rubbish they can still access WTC. This is what Universal Credit was meant to stop – those working a few hours self employed or their business being worthless but it gets them more benefits and means they don’t have to sign on for Jobseekers Allowance.

Agreed, and it gets encouraged by certain job advisors. I write, as a hobby. My job advisor told me to do exactly this. I told him I wouldn’t make enought to live off, he said it wouldn’t matter.

From a Mumsnet thread about craft and ‘mumpreneurs’.

The fear that I’ll see someone I know. Luckily I’m not from here so I don’t have to worry about high school classmates or anything but I’m deathly afraid a law school classmate will see me. I saw a guy I knew from law school yesterday who works in biglaw now but I ducked behind a counter before he saw me. I think every day about what it would be like if one of the partners at my 2l summer firm saw me. It would be humiliating but at the same time I kind of hope the partner who no offered me does see me there. I think he doesn’t realize what kind of economy he discarded me into and I want him to know that he fucked my life up majorly

Number 7 in a long list of humiliating things about being a Law Grad Working Retail, according to his blog.

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